Year 6 Exhibition

During terms 3 and 4 year six have been working on a project called ‘The Exhibition’ . The Exhibition is an annual project for all year six students and it goes for around 6-7 weeks, in the exhibition everyone has a topic to research and present. Our central idea as a grade is peace and conflict and our central idea is peace and conflict affects our world. At first our class brainstormed different topic ideas then we all wrote our 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences in our books for our teachers to see. After a couple of days we got put into groups of 2-4 depending on what we wanted to research. My research group focussed on war. After everyone found out their groups we started to think about what our three lines of inquiry would be for our topic research, our group found this difficult because we kept thinking of questions instead of statements. After a while we came up with our lines of inquiry which are There are many different reasons for the start of war, Wars have occurred throughout time and People have different perspectives on war. Our central idea is Wars affect peace and conflict in our world.

Each week the two classes would come together to work on their projects. During the first 4-5 weeks were full with lots of researching, The last couple of weeks all the groups were busy creating posters, slide shows, dances, videos and many other things. Last Thursday was presentation night and everyone could invite their parents and special guests to come and see what we have been doing for the past 7 weeks. For our presentation night we had to create at least 3 things for the people to look at including an action display to raise awareness, an interactive display for the parents/guests to do and a geography presentation we also at the non compulsory option which is history. For our action display we brochures and quotes that we made to hand out to passers by. For our interactive we showed people how to make their own poppies to keep. For our geography we made a map showing where recent and past wars have occurred and for our history we made a timeline. My favourite part of the exhibition was when our group made the map and the timeline for our display. Something I would do differently next time is try finishing all our lines of inquiry research faster.

These are the links to the other girls in my group:




~Emma 🙂


Athletics Carnival

This term we had our Athletics Carnival. It was my first Athletics Carnival at my new school and I was very interested to see how it would be different to the carnivals at my old school.  One of the main differences was that at my old school the field events and track events were on different fields and at my current school they’re all on the same field so it’s easier to see everything.

One of the highlights was that my team won the house relay. I found this fun because during training our team kept coming third or fourth out of four teams but on the day we didn’t focus as much on the running part we focused more on the teamwork. It was all about having fun and encouraging each other.

The athletics carnival was a fun way to work as a team and a great start to term 3.


Book recommendations!

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been trying to read more books and since I like to dance I’ve been looking at some dance books. I’ve already read three of them and I loved them! Here are the ones I’ve read.



  1. turning pointes

    reading level: 3.4/6

    Book recommendation: 4.5/6

  2. hope in a ballet shoe (this book is a true story and is very heart felt.

    reading level: 4.3/6

    book recommendation: 5.5/6

  3. pirouette (out of these three books this one was the best i think. its about two twin babies in an orphanage and get adopted by two different families. one of the twins is amazing at ballet but hates performing and the other is also great but not as talented but loves performing. the two girls meet each other when their older at a dance camp and…) read the book to find out more!

    reading level: 4.5/6

    book recommendation:5.7/6

    The book I’m reading now is:


  • one perfect pirouette and so far I love it!

    recommendation so far:5.6/6


overall i love all the books!


Passion Project!

passion project week 0!

yesterday/Thursday was the Passion Project showcase and this means that ‘the Passion Project’ is over

Doing the Passion Project has been so much fun! But I’m glad its over.

So over the past around 7 weeks we’ve been doing our Passion Projects and I have been going around taking photos.

Doing this project I have learnt how to use different lenses and learn about different things such as aperture and focal length and depth of field. If I could do this Project all from scratch and all over again I probably wouldn’t have changed much. Although if I would’ve changed my focus it would probably include some dance or music or something.

Some of the Projects I found that were very great and creative were:

Sienna’s Blog:

Caitlin’s Blog:

Anna’s Blog:

Mia’s Blog:

Jaimee’s Blog:

Chloe’s Blog:

I found all of these blogs interesting because there focus’s are really creative and interesting. I especially found Sienna’s project interesting, her focus was making active wear/a swim suit.


Passion Project week 7!

Passion project week 7!

Unfortunately my passion project is due tomorrow. Luckily I have almost finished! I just have to finish writing my acknowledgement and stick 2 pictures of my camera on my poster.

Positives and interesting things:

  • I got to spend more time with my Poppa
  • I got to learn more about photography
  • I got to learn about how to use different camera lenses
  • It was also a fun project to do


  • Whilst doing this project I didn’t have had quite enough time to explore photography in as much detail as I would like.

(this is one of the pages from my power point)



~Emma 🙂

Passion Project Week 6!!

passion project week 6

Hey guys!,

If you read my last blog post you would know that I went to the city to take some photos! luckily we got some pictures of vivid at the end!

Sadly I have not managed to get started on my poster yet, but I am planning to start and hopefully be close to finishing the poster this week.

Here are some of the photos I took this week:


Passion Project week 5!

Passion project week 5!

Hey Guys!

As you might know last week we took a lot of photos in my backyard with all the different lenses. Durning this school week I haven’t done to much but on Friday/tomorrow me  and my Poppa will be going to North Sydney to take photos of the big buildings in the city after dark! Also I’m hoping that we will be getting  some pictures of vivid!

Sorry that I have no pictures to show this week but I hopefully will next week

-Emma  🙂😄

Passion Project week 4

Passion Project week 4

Last weekend I had my Poppa helping me start taking the photos. We took lots of photo’s from around my garden we also took some photos of my two pets (who would not sit still😂) In a couple of weeks my Poppa is coming back down and we are planning to go to the city to take photos at night.

~Emma 🙂

Here are some of the photos we took.

Passion project week 3!

So far my passion project process has been pretty quiet, but this week everything is going to get started and I’m super excited!! My only difficulty has been that the person who is helping me has all the lenses and cameras and I only know a couple of the lenses I’m using, but it’s fine because this weekend they’re coming over so we can get started. Overall nothing major has happened but I’m just really excited to properly get started!